Take me as I am!

Oct 28

silly kitty

silly kitty

Cheesey TV

I love stupid TV. Shit like Dance Moms and Millionare Matchmaker are like the best. I don’t care that they are all drama and fake stuff. Its the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean sit and really fucking watch and you’ll see what i mean!!!!!!!!! its very entertaining!!!!!!!

Oct 25


http://www.rykovich.com/Kurtis_Rykovich/Home.html -

Watch the slide show of this guys art its the coolest!!

First Post

This is my first time doing this! I guess I’ll start by sharing a few of my opinions. I like crime dramas and comedies. I love movies and movie theater (I pronounce theater like this thee-ATE-r). I love to be right and hate to be wrong. I don’t know what political party I am, but I am pro-choice and think everyone should have equal rights. I love to write but can’t spell and have the worst grammar so no judgment for mistakes.¬†Musicals are the bomb! I used to hate Pandora but now i love it. Fair warning my mind changes alot so please dont accuse me of being a hypocrite!¬†If you can make me laugh I probably won’t hate you! Stay tuned for more soon!